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Indian Pumps/Broom
Poly Tank Pump
Indian Pump
AquaJac Vest
Soft-Pack Pump
Fire Broom

M100 Poly tank

Our best selling water tank
  • Pistol grip handle
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Non-slosh rounded design keeps the unit comfortable, balanced, and steady
  • Corrosion-proof tank made with UV resistant-polyethylene plastic
  • Heavier wall thickness for better puncture protection
  • Large diameter filler neck
  • Flexible mesh strainer
  • Weather resistant  filler cap
  • 5 gallon capacity

    This corrosion-proof tank can safely be
    used with foam...mix it into the water
    for better penetration.


VT100 AquaJac Portable Fire Pump

Revolutionary design water tank that you wear like a vest.

  • Holds 60% more water than old-fashioned back packs.
  • One size fits all, folds neatly for compact storage
  • Advanced design provides 35' spray/flow.
  • Flexible, flame-resistant vinyl jacket construction.
  • Filled jacket cools the body and serves as a fall-impact cushion.
  • Lightweight, just 5 lbs. empty
  • Weight is evenly distributed over front and back of body.
  • Pumps maximum volume with minimum effort.
  • Dual check valves in pump prevent "surging" and drippingPump fits snugly in AquaJac "holster".

Holds 8 Gallons of Water!




Soft-Pak Brush Pump

 This portable pump tank features the only double walled pump tank on the market. A tough and replaceable inner bladder gives extra strength, making the unit durable, cost effective and easy to repair. This is the only pump on the market with "Lubeport" a new design which allows you to lubricate the unit, without having to take it apart. Features a collapsible 5 gallon tank, quick detachable buckles and
padded shoulders.

Weighs only 4½ lbs.

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1304 Perfex Fire Broom

 A broom specially designed for firefighting.

  • Rattan construction
  • Heavy ash handle

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