Grime Boss 60 Count Hand Wipes

Model: M956S8X

Grime Boss 60 Count Hand Wipes

Model: M956S8X

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All You Ever Need to Keep You, Your Gear,
and Worksite Clean

Grime Boss Wipes Make Cleaning Up After the Fire easier. This ain't no baby wipe. ™ Feel and see what makes GRIME BOSS® wipes unique.

Great for cleanup of hands, face, truck, tools & equipment after fires.

Removes ash, soot, grime, grease, fine debris, and dust

Cleans masks, tools, and truck parts

Effective without using harsh chemicals

Easily stores inside compartments for handy access

Keeping Clean at Home has Never Been Easier.

Whether it’s keeping your tools, work surfaces, or your hands clean, Grime Boss Heavy Duty Surface and Hand Wipes can multitask! Each extra-large wipe has a tough side to scrub off the grime and a soft side to leave your hands feeling clean and fresh. Wherever the grime is,

GRIME BOSS Citrus-Scented Wipes


Easily cleans hands, face, tools, and work area

Replaces rags, shop towels, pumice, soap, and water


Easily Removes:

  • Latex Paint & Caulk
  • Oil & Grease
  • Adhesives
  • Mud & Dirt
  • Odors, Stains, and More...

    GRIME BOSS Wipes replace all these and more:

    • Liquids and sprays
    • Paper towels
    • Rags and shop towels
    • Sponges
    • Pads
    • Pumice
    • Solvents and more…

      Toss them in your toolbox for when DIY gets D-I-R-T-Y

      ✔ Carpentry: Easily removes oil, grease, sealants, adhesives, PU foam, caulk, joint compound, construction materials, and everyday gunk and grime

      ✔ Painting: Wipe up paint spills and splatters; clean off paintbrush and roller handles; remove paint from hands, arms and face

      ✔ Auto Maintenance and Repair: Wipe off brake dust from wheel rims; remove bugs and road tar from bumpers and lights; keep interiors clean and dust-free

      ✔ Tough Scrubbing Side: Has the right amount of power for any job; the soft side gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin

      ✔Moisture-lock Lid: Keeps wipes from drying out



      WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - - Learn More about this warning
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