Our Choice for The Best Firefighter Helmet Light You Can Depend On

Firefighters and EMTs require a lot out of their helmet lights. And they should. Heavy smoke conditions and dimly lit sites necessitate hands-free illumination when you’re in a rescue situation.

Performance & Quality

As a leading provider of firefighting and emergency rescue supplies, Fire-End knows firsthand the performance and quality of thousands of products made for the municipal and interior fire equipment markets. With confidence, we suggest that the best firefighter helmet light is the Streamlight Vantage® Fire Helmet Light. This firefighter helmet light is compact, sturdy, reliable, easy to use, and uses a lithium battery; cost is under $90.

Here’s why:

  • Impact-resistant
The Streamlight Vantage® Fire Helmet Light offers excellent shockproof, especially for a mounted light. It’s got a Borofloat flat glass lens that won’t distort the light beam. The glass is abrasion resistant and highly resistant to acids and alkalis. Its low profile makes it less likely you’ll be snagging it on anything.
  • Fire-resistant
This light not only meets the requirements of NFPA 1971-8.6 (2013). Additionally, the Borofloat flat glass lens can handle extreme temperatures and the light’s aluminum construction can take a beating from heat and smoke.
  • Hands-free
This light fits on a helmet easily, even with gloved hands and it’s also easy to turn on and off with gloved hands. Also, it can be mounted above or below the brim of your fire helmet. 
  • LED/Lumens
The rotating light provides lumens in two modes: high and low. High mode provides 350 lumens and low mode provides 135 lumens.
  • Battery Life
The lightweight, lithium battery, included, lasts more than 2 hours in high mode and lasts 5 hours in low mode. We feel the Streamlight Vantage® Fire Helmet Light is the best firefighter helmet light you can depend on. Bonus: it’s in a price bracket that makes quality and high performance affordable. You can browse our full line of helmet lights online or call us at 1-800-759-3475 with any questions. Check out our choice for Best Firefighter Flashlight here.

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