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    Fighting fires is serious business. You put your safety and health at risk with every call, so you train and work hard learning firefighting techniques to make sure you are prepared for whatever that next call requires.

    LION firefighting training props meet that call. They are designed to meet the needs of your fire academy training, fire department training drills, and large-scale training sessions. We make versatile products that can be used over and over again in a variety of scenarios.

    LION makes smoke generators to create realistic training environments and rescue mannequins with thermal signatures and voice boxes so they can cough or call for help. We also make the Attack Digital Fire System to simulate lights and fire and a digital nozzle so you can train without water in whatever environment you need.

    We also make prop vehicles so your team can learn how to respond to vehicle fires and practice the techniques they need to put those fires out fast. From pressure vessels and automobile props to helicopter training and aircraft wing props, we help you develop the skills you need to get the job done.

    We are LION’s authorized Training Products dealer for the state of New York.

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    52 products
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