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    Body Armor is about saving lives, and Armor Express is committed to delivering products and serving our customers better than anyone else in the industry.


    January 23rd, 2015 - Officer Michael Schuyler was shot during a routine warrant arrest. His Armor Express Halo IIIA body armor saved his life. Flint, Michigan.

    Our passion for producing the most innovative armor systems is made possible by the commitment of every Armor Express employee, many of whom have spent their lives serving our country. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Eden, NC, and Central Lake, MI, we manufacture both soft and hard armor solutions for America’s protectors. In Michigan, we house our Ballistics Research Laboratory (BRL), where we test the most advanced ballistic materials, developing solutions that meet NIJ, DEA and FBI protocols, and various special threats for any mission-critical requirement. We are committed to safety first and foremost and collaborate with our partners to bring to market, lightweight, high-performance ballistic solutions, along with a full suite of concealable, overt and tactical carriers. We also manufacture and source a full line of innovative hard armor plates, helmets and shields, all designed to meet the most stringent safety standards and to bring our protectors home safe.


    16 products
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