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    Over 25 years ago Fire-End coined the phrase the Ultimate Gear Bag. Our 007 Ultimate Gear Bag is still our best selling firefighter gear bag. Perhaps you are looking for a firefighter gear bag with wheels, hydrant tool bag, rope bag, fire hydrant bucket, fire hose bag, search and rescue backpack, or bicycle panniers; we have you covered. Need your Rock-N-Rescue throw bags or grand rope bags? We have those too.

    Please peruse our selection of bags. We’re sure you will find one that meets your needs.

    40 products
    887RD R.I.T. BAG
    888RD R.I.T. BAG
    Air Pac-RIT  Rescue & Storage Bag
    Air Pac-RIT Bag
    Ready Rack Hydrant Bucket Bag
    Hydrant Bucket Bag
    Rope Bag - Large
    Rope Bag - Medium
    Rope Bag - Small
    Oxygen Roll Bag
    Trauma Oxygen Bag
    Pink Gear Bag
    Step-In Gear Bag
    Ultimate Gear Bag
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