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    Ram Air is a firefighter owned company. Ram Air Gear Dyers are NFPA compliant and built with the highest quality components. The patented gear dryers are designed to dry your gear quickly, getting your firefighters back into action fast. Ram Air dryers are made exclusively to dry your bunker gear, immersion/hazmat suits, boots, gloves, helmets, face masks and SCBA. All gear dryers are backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Trust Ram Air, to provide the best, most structurally superior gear dryers available for drying all your personal protective equipment.

    Fire-End is the Ram Air Gear Dryer dealer for the state of New York.

    Contact Your Local Fire-End Representative to discuss your department’s requirements.

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    Note: Due to contractual agreements, we are only permitted to offer Ram Air Gear Dryer products for sale in the state of New York. If you are located outside New York, please contact Ram Air Gear Dryer at 888-EZEE-DRY for your local dealer's name.

    18 products
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