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    LION’s SmartDummy rescue manikin is tough enough to take on intense fire training and smart enough to interact with rescuers.

    Create victim removal scenarios with the LIONSmartDummy Extrication Manikin. Simulate a variety of serious bodily injuries including torso impalement or a severed arm or leg. is designed to withstand your toughest training evolutions. In addition to crush-resistant materials, the manikin comes with a rugged uni-shell covering, removable boots, and a Drag Rescue Device (DRD strap).

    Most manikins don’t have heat signatures, but LION's SmartDummy™ Thermal Manikin is 20-30°F (6-16°C) over ambient room temperature.

    We are LION’s authorized Training Products dealer for the state of New York.

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    5 products
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