Fire Police Hats & Headgear

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    Shop fire police hats for comfort, style, and protection in all kinds of weather. Fire-End carries the trustworthy Portwest brand of fire police hats.

    Whether you need a fleece flask mask, cooling crown with neck shade, vented hard hat, balaclava, or another type of hat, we carry a full line of headgear. Our fire police hats keep firefighters, emergency personnel, and emergency responders protected and comfortable during the summer heat or through winter’s brutal chill, in the line of duty or during off-hours.

    From the classic Hi Vis Ranger hat and Portwest Reflective Baseball Cap to the Portwest Endurance Plus Hard Hat and Portwest Full Brim Future Vented Hard Hat, we are your one-stop shop for fire police headgear and other fire police gear. Need fire police hat stickers? We have those too!

    8 products
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