Firefighter Station Jackets

Fire station jackets, iconic quilted

Everyday Warmth, On the Job or Off

Versatile, Durable & Comfortable

When it comes to choosing firefighter station jackets, you need something that is versatile, durable, and comfortable. You also want to choose a jacket that represents your company well, and gives you a professional appearance. Fire End is proud to carry high quality firefighter station jackets supplied by Game Sportswear.  Built with firefighters’ needs in mind, our selection of jackets will provide reliability you can count on for years to come. And, as an added bonus, our jackets are incredibly good looking! Choose from a variety of options including “The Bravest Jacket,” “The Finest Vest,” and the “Iconic Quilted Chore Jacket” to name a few. Or get one of each to give yourself some variety throughout the year.

The Bravest Station Jackets

For those cold nights out on the truck, or weekends in the backyard with loved ones, grab this wind-resistant nylon Taffeta shell jacket. With it’s 5oz. poly-fill lining and thermal knit backing, you’ll get a heavy duty warmth, with a lightweight feel. Easy to pair with any pants whether they be station pants or jeans, The Bravest Jacket makes it easy to just grab and go! No more layering on moderate cold days necessary. With a 100% polyester rib-knit collar, cuff, and bottom band (back only), the wind will stay out, and your body heat will stay in. On bulk orders, you can even get customizations including: embroidery, letters, applying patches, or custom designs. Add your station’s logo, number, and firefighter’s names. Select black or navy blue, in sizes from S-5XL, Tall L-3XL. Beyond just the impressive functionality, The Bravest Jacket is a real head turner. You will love how it looks and feels every time you wear it.

The Finest Vest

When you need to keep your core warm, but don’t want to feel restricted or overheated, grab The Finest Vest. Our vests will give you an added layer of protection for your most vital organ zones without needing to put on a full jacket. Crafted from the same high quality and durable materials that our other jackets have, The Finest Vest is a firefighters go to for those active afternoons outside. Throw on a work or dress shirt, and pair it with station pants or jeans for a professional look. Choose from black or navy to stay in uniform when representing your profession. Throw this comfortable vest over a training t-shirt on days you need to move around and get things done. Wind-resistant and flexible with full accessibility to your arms.

Iconic Quilted Chore Jacket

True to the name, the Iconic Quilted Chore Jacket is a firefighter’s best friend for those long station chore days. On brisk days that you need to move around a lot and knock out your chores, you will love how lightweight and mobile these station jackets are. Featuring gussets for comfortability, an extended tailored bottom hem, and deep pockets, grab The Iconic. With a slim fit and look, you will stay strong looking and agile. The rib-knit cuffs and collar keep cool air out, and help to keep hands and fingers unobstructed. Wind-resistant material and even machine washable! If you have a long day of station house chores ahead of you, throw on The Iconic Quilted Jacket. Going out on the town for date night? This stylish jacket even holds up for a semi formal date night. Just leave one in your trunk in case of any emergency occasion! Due to the perfect fit and cut of this jacket, it gives you a high class tailored look. As with all of our products, functionality is at the forefront of purpose. The Iconic won’t disappoint.

Station Jackets & Every Situation

These are just a few of the jackets that Fire End has to offer. We carry only the best in quality tactical gear for on job and off. For a firefighter, the job is never over. Make sure you have jackets for all occasions that you feel comfortable and stylish in. Just because our selection of Game Sportswear jackets are highly functional, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on style. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Check out our expanded selection here! Our goal is to provide the best firefighting gear, at fair prices. By shopping with Fire End, you can get both, and receive excellent customer care. When it comes time to replace your team’s station and company jackets, we have you covered.

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