Product Spotlight: The Key Fire Hose ECO-10

Key Fire Hose ECO-10

The Key Fire Hose ECO-10

Our Best-Selling Municipal Fire Hose

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When you’re in fire rescue, the last thing that needs to happen is for your equipment to fail. When you and your engine company are called to an emergency, you want to know that your equipment is going to get the job done without any complications. Having the right helmet, boots, and coat is, of course, always a necessity, but a proper hose is vital. The Key Fire Hose ECO-10 is our personal top pick for a robust, rugged mid-range fire hose that won’t fail when you need it most. 

Why pick Key?

Key Hose, now a division of KFH Industries, was established in 1988 in Miami, Florida by Charles Genthner. Charlie began with 16 looms purchased from Europe and transformed Key Hose into the largest manufacturer of hose and related products in the world. In 2010, Key Hose completed a relocation, which began in 2005, from Miami, Florida to Dothan, Alabama. This relocation allowed Key Hose to double its manufacturing space, streamline efficiencies, and increase stock of raw materials and finished goods while conforming to ISO style quality control standards. Key specializes in the design and manufacture of hose related to the following industries: Municipal Fire Fighting, Industrial, Military, Marine, Mining, Agricultural, Irrigation, and Forestry applications. Key produces hose to meet NFPA, UL, MSHA, FM, FDA, and MIL‑H‑24606 standards. Hose manufactured by Key designed to meet military specifications and USDA forestry standards have successfully passed first article testing standards set forth by the United States Federal Government.

What Makes the Key Fire Hose ECO-10 the Best Choice in Fire Hoses?

When you need to be fast, having a lightweight hose is vitally helpful. Key implements engineered yarns in their hose coverings that lighten the entire hose up to 25% as compared to other hoses without sacrificing structure and stability. They have also developed a patented reverse twill weave that reduces friction loss. This reliable, double jacket fire hose with Key-Lok treatment is tested to 600 and 800 psi, meets MIL‑H‑24606 latest edition for abrasion resistance and is UL Listed.  The ECO-10 hose meets and exceeds all performance requirements of NFPA 1961 and Underwriters Laboratories' latest edition standards, so you can have peace of mind that this hose with hold up.

What is the warranty on the Key Fire Hose ECO-10?

With a hose that’s mildew, chemical, and UV resistant, you won’t have to worry about the lifespan of your hose. Key offers a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the ECO-10. Specifically, the ECO-10 hose has a potential service life and warranty of 10 years with a lifetime warranty against liner delamination, barring mistreatment that would render it unfit for service, of course. They guarantee that upon delivery, the hose will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Key is dedicated to making sure you and your engine company will have a hose that will last.

Are there customization options?

Key-Lok Coating

As a bonus, the Key Fire Hose ECO-10 has several customization options. Despite the lightweight fabric covering, the outer jacket is mildew resistant and available with a double-dip "Key-Lok" branded polyurethane-based polymer impregnation for a bright colorful look while staying abrasion and moisture resistant. While the standard coating is white, Key-Lok is available in 7 other vibrant colors. The outer weave is also available with a double tracer stripe for ease in identification and twist, making it easier to care for your equipment.    

Technical Customizations

Key goes further to offer many technical customizations for your ECO-10. Upon delivery, it may be coupled with 6061-T6 aluminum threaded couplings or forged Storz. If desired, brass, special threads, or other custom features are available upon request.  

We also offer The Key Fire-Hose ECO-10 untreated (white).

Fire-End is proud to carry the trusted brands and reliable tools needed for those in the field of firefighting. Key Hose is one of our most trusted vendors, and the Eco-10 is a superior product. If you’re interested in custom lengths and special threads, you can always contact our Sales Team for pricing.

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