Ultimate Turnout Gear for Ultimate Performance

Your station knows the importance of high-quality turnout gear to keep everyone safe. Fortunately, so does LION. Since the turn of the 20th century, LION has protected emergency service providers in every form – in 1970, the company shifted into the firefighter turnout game and never looked back. Today, Fire-End is proud to provide LION’s patented turnout gear to serve and protect firefighters everywhere. With a uniquely innovative ergonomic design, our gear moves when you do to fully protect in any scenario.

RedZone Turnout Gear
LION Red Zone Turnout

Take to the streets safely with LION’s RedZone turnout line. RedZone is a revolutionary new brand of technology designed with particulate-blocking materials and added layers of protection at the coat, pant, glove, and boot interfaces and closure points. These zones leave your fighters most vulnerable to smoke and soot contamination; fight back with RedZone. Your gear can have protection gaps in a few key zones: your head, coat-to-glove interface, core, coat closure zone, and pant-to-boot interface. RedZone turnout gear pinpoints those zones and adds extra protection to make sure every inch of your body is safe from environmental hazards.

V-Force Turnout Gear
LION V-Force Turnout Gear

Few firefighter turnout brands boast the cutting-edge technology of V-Force by LION. Specially crafted to provide the perfect balance of comfort, mobility, and protection, V-Force includes a unique pattern that mimics the shape of the body to encourage natural movement and reduce stress and fatigue. Thanks to V-Force’s unique IsoDri® moisture management system, your turnout gear will absorb less water and protect against compression burns. Nothing is better than drier, lighter gear when you’re out in the field!  

Super-Deluxe Turnout Gear
LION Super Deluxe Turnout

There’s nothing standard about LION’s Super-Deluxe turnout gear! Every nook and cranny has been revamped for the ultimate comfort and protection to improve the way you work – from bellowed joints to the patented bi-swing back design, everything is designed with your movement in mind. Unique low-rise waist pants give the Super-Deluxe turnout line an added boost of comfort by feeling more like an everyday pair of trousers. Crawling, climbing, and bending while in full gear just became a whole lot easier! Fire-End is proud to offer a full array of LION turnout gear to suit any firefighter. All of our gear is available in a wide range of sizes to fit any first responder. Contact us today to learn which turnout gear best suits your department; we’d be happy to help!

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