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    In 1945, Earl Morris founded the Earl L. Morris Company (ELMCO™) in downtown Los Angeles. After his years of experience selling pipe valves, fittings, and other plumbing products, Morris found that the type of products he enjoyed selling the most were those specified by the engineer.

    In 1954, he established a new manufacturing division called Acorn Engineering Company. Acorn began as a small manufacturer specializing in specified plumbing products. The company manufactured a line of prefabricated stainless steel shower equipment for the school and institutional markets in the 1950s.

    In 1960, the company moved to its present-day location in City of Industry, CA, providing space for the company to grow its operations with new product lines and acquisitions.

    In 1969, Acorn designed, engineered and produced a new market-leading product line of deep drawn and fabricated stainless steel plumbing fixtures. With the addition of these important core products, Acorn Engineering Company quickly grew to become a world leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel plumbing fixtures, valued in correctional facilities and high-traffic areas for their vandal-resistance and durability. The latest technologies in laser cutting and deep-draw press have only served to reinforce quality and longevity.

    As Acorn Engineering Company grew, companies and partnerships were acquired in similar and unrelated fields. A new parent company was formed to encompass all the divisions—the Acorn Family of Companies. In 2012, the Acorn Family of Companies was renamed Morris Group International® to better promote the diverse industries and product lines it represents.

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