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    C.E.T. Glider Kits include a C.E.T. drop-in, C.E.T. polypropylene heavy duty compartments and a C.E.T. custom heavy duty Fire Application flatbed.

    If you have your own cab and chassis, purchasing a glider kit, and having it installed by your mechanic, can save your department considerably.

    C.E.T. Glider Kit packages can be installed on cab and chassis with the included U Bolts, Teflon Dielectric pads and brackets. This design allows the body and flatbed to withstand greater levels of stress that can distort other commercial style flat-beds. A truly "OFF ROAD" flatbed! The C.E.T. flat bed design offers exclusive, unmatched features. All glider kits are pre-assembled, pre-plumbed, and pre-wired, provided to you in a self-contained, tested unit. The modular design of the C.E.T. Glider Kits allows easy removal from the chassis for major repairs, or mounting on a new chassis.

    C.E.T. Glider Kit Brochure

    Many glider kits re available for quick delivery. Kindly call Fire-End at 800-759-FIRE (3473) to receive a quotation on a glider kit that meets the needs of your department.

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