Elkhart Brass Phantom XD Selectable Flow Nozzles

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    When Your Choice is Selectable Flow… Choose XD!

    The Phantom XD selectable flow nozzle series has your target flow covered! With low pressure options available and three different flow ranges, there is one to meet your need. Built with positive interlocking robust tactile selection grips, choosing the desired flow rate won’t be a problem even in the harshest conditions.

    The Phantom XD features an all forged metal shutoff body and bale handle, full round metal ball for optimum stream performance, as well as fixed or stainless steel metal teeth that don’t break. All indicators and markings are laser etched, with no labels to peel off or scratch. New ergonomic grip inserts help with handling and can be color-coded. Its durability and efficiency are unmatched by any other selectable flow nozzle on the market. Customize it with your logo and 12 different color options!

    6 products
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