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    Utilize LION digital training tools for firefighter training on any scale and any level. Our digital props can be used for fire academy training, fire department training drills and large-scale training sessions. We put the training power in the hands of the instructor with versatile products that can be used over and over again – all at the push of a button.

    LION Digital Training Prop Technology allows firefighters to train in countless locations and situations to diversify your training and ensure your trainees are prepared to handle any real fire situation without exposing them to heat or risk. This can include a burn tower, a training structure, your engine bay or a training site that doesn’t allow the use of fire, water or extinguishers. Realistic lights and available smoke generators help to acclimate new firefighters, while built-in sensors respond accurately to extinguisher and hose techniques. The flames actually grow, move and get bigger depending on firefighter response and instructor interaction. Simulations can start and stop almost immediately, making it easy to run countless drills or just stop the action to provide real-time feedback to trainees.

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    8 products
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