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    When you use LION TotalCare, you are choosing to partner with a company that has over 20 years of experience in helping to keep you safe. As a Verified Independent Service Provider for all components of turnout gear, all of our repairs are NFPA-certified.

    Soiled gear can pose a health risk to firefighters. Smoke deposits and condensed residue can become trapped in fibers and remain there until cleaned, leaving you at risk to secondary exposure to cancer-causing chemicals and gear that may not provide you with protection when you need it most. Detecting damage on your gear early via regular inspections can help prevent ongoing degradation, as well as identify signs of failure before they become a safety issue or lead to irreversible damage.

    Help enhance firefighter safety and save your organization money by extending the life of your PPE through regular cleaning, inspection and repair with LION TotalCare.

    4 products
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