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    Responding to chemical and bio-hazard incidents often involves digging into the disposable gear. It is hot, muggy, ill-fitting and uncomfortable. You wear them because you have to and you need the protection, but there is another option.

    At LION, we know how awful those disposable suits can be, so we make reusable NFPA-certified CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) ensembles. Each one provides FR, liquid and vapor protection and is completely reusable as long as you’re not exposed or contaminated. The MT94 (Multi-Threat) CBRN Ensemble is even NFPA Class 1 certified, offering first responders advanced protection against some of the world's worst chemical and biological threats.

    Respond to hazardous waste, drug labs, biological threats and domestic terrorism agents in CBRN that is actually comfortable.

    2 products
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