Attack Digital Fire Training System

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    The LION Attack Digital Fire Training Systems put flames and smoke where live fire isn’t possible.

    Train in any location, even those areas where live fire is not possible. It allowsyou to place the seat of the fire in a new location any time you want. Use digital or water hose lines. Tough enough to handle a 2½-inch hose line. Wirelessly Connect with Multiple Props. Link to additional panels or smoke generators.






    ATTACK™ Digital Fire Training Panel X X X X
    Setup Remote X X X X
    Weighted Base with Refillable Water Tank X X X X
    ATTACK™ Transport Case X X X X
    ATTACK™ Industrial Remote X X X
    SG4000 (ETNA) Smoke Generator X X X
    SG4000 (ETNA) Smoke Generator Waterproof Case, V2 (WiFi Enabled) X X X
    Smoke Liquid (20 Liter) X X X
    5 Liter Cleaning Solution for Smoke Generators X X X
    Flexible Smoke Duct Set for Smoke Generators X X X
    ATTACK™ Digital Nozzle X X
    Transport Case for ATTACK™ Digital Nozzle X X
    50 ft. (15 m.) Weighted Hose Line X X
    SmartDummy™ Rescue (55 lbs./24 kg.) X
    SmartDummy™ Adjustable Call Voice Box X

    We are LION’s authorized Training Products dealer for the state of New York.

    Contact Your Local Fire-End Repto set-up a product demonstration.

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    4 products
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