Magnum Hose Line and Fire Extinguisher Training

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    Realistic hose line & extinguisher training –Magnum Hose Line & Fire Extinguisher Training

    Whether they use a fire extinguisher or hose line, your firefighters will feel the heat when fighting the LION MAGNUM Hose Line & Extinguisher Training System. The system has an output of 2.8 million BTU (550KW,) providing a realistic fire for full-scale hands-on training. Smart controls shut down the propane and auto-ignition only if the fire is knocked out completed to make sure they learn the skill and gain muscle memory.

    With intense flames and rugged construction MAGNUM is designed for full-scale firefighter training and can be hit with nearly anything in your firefighting arsenal. Built-in wheels and easy set-up allow you to quickly create challenging training scenarios.

    We are LION’s authorized Training Products dealer for the state of New York.

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    4 products
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