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    We proudly carry a complete line of LION turnout gear, known worldwide for its cutting-edge technology in firefighter apparel that’s comfortable and protective. LION manufactures the turnout gear that emergency service providers, militaries, and civilian responders, require to stay safe in the line of duty. Seven of the ten largest fire departments in the U.S. and twenty-five of the top 50 wear LION turnout gear. In 2019, FDNY awarded their contract to LION to protect the firefighters in the nations largest city.

    Need fire turnout gear that’s ergonomically designed for free movement? LION turnout gear solutions enable you to perform firefighting operations without restriction from rigid turnout pants or coats.

    When it comes to fire and ems turnout gear, LION is top in its class and the largest supplier of chemical-biological protective apparel for the U.S. Military and National Guard civil support teams.

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