Super Vac Smoke Machine Fluid

Super Vac Smoke Machine Fluid

Super Vac Smoke Machine Fluid

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S-500/505 Glycol Based Smoke Machine Fluid


S-900/905 Oil Based Smoke Machine Fluid

Always wear SCBA when training in smoke or fog for an extended time, no matter what type of machine you have.

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Model Number Compatible Smoke Machine Contents
S-900 Cloud 9 Case of(6) 2.5 Liter BottlesOil Base Fluid
S-905 Cloud 9 55 gallon DrumOil Base Fluid
S-500 London Fogger Case of(6) 2.5 Liter BottlesGlycol Base Fluid
S-505 London Fogger 55 gallon DrumGlycol Base Fluid



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