3486 Akron Brass StreamMaster™ II Electric Fire Monitor System with AVM 2000 GPM

Model: 3486

3486 Akron Brass StreamMaster™ II Electric Fire Monitor System with AVM 2000 GPM

Model: 3486

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3486 StreamMaster™ II Electric Fire Monitor System with AVM 2000 GPM


The industry-leading StreamMaster II (SMII) is now available as a complete package with a valve manifold to control water flow and allow for the extension of hose lines from a platform or ladder.

The SMII with AVM is a compact, lightweight total solution that comes ready to install on the apparatus. In addition, there is virtually no additional friction loss through the main valve, which provides advantages over a butterfly valve when you need to get the most flow possible from your aerial device.

Standard configurations include a 2-1/2" discharge elbow with NH threads for connection to a hose line.


See StreamMaster II product pages for StreamMaster II features and functions

Aerial Valve Manifold Features:

  • Integrated ball valve to control the flow of water to the monitor with MANUAL gear actuator
  • Available with Electric or Manual StreamMaster II
  • 90° discharge valve with 2-1/2" NH threads for extension of hose
  • 1/4 turn ball valve for the smooth operation of discharge valves
  • 3 discharge port locations to allow for flexible configurations and options
  • StreamMaster II inlet flange on this unit is smaller and lighter weight than the standard 4” 150 lb flange, allowing for a compact and lightweight total solution. (NOTE: Standard 4” inlet flanged StreamMaster II cannot be used with the AVM – must order as a complete SMII/AVM package).
  • Valve extension comes standard with 1” NPT port for customer supplied pressure relief valve if desired)

Available in 5 standard configurations

  • S1 - Ladder right valve
  • S2 - Ladder left valve
  • S3 - Platform right valve
  • S4 - Platform left valve
  • S5 - Platform dual valve

The 2000 gpm (7600 lpm) rated monitor is to be an all-electric, single waterway monitor constructed of lightweight Pyrolite. The monitor shall have a 3-1/2” (89 mm) NH outlet. The monitor shall have cast-in turning vanes in each elbow. The monitor shall have fully enclosed motors and gears with manual handwheel override for both horizontal and vertical rotation and may be operated simultaneously. The monitor is not to exceed 15” (381 mm) high and 11-5/8” (295 mm) wide. The vertical travel shall be from 45° below to 120° above horizontal with adjustable stops at -15°, +45°, and +90. The horizontal rotation shall be 355° with physical stops at ±45°, ±90°, ±135° and at ±157°. The monitor shall have absolute position feedback to provide programmable soft stops anywhere within the physical travel range. The control system shall also provide programmable oscillation and obstacle avoidance functions. These programmable features shall be capable of being copied and cloned for fast installment on other monitors using a USB stick. The electronic control system shall be attached to the inlet base of the monitor and be totally encapsulated to prevent moisture intrusion and use locking IP 67 rated electrical connectors for all motor control outputs and control inputs. The control system shall have one environmentally sealed USB port to facilitate control system updates. The control system shall receive commands from J1939 CAN network control devices to control elevation, rotation, nozzle pattern, and electric valve open/close. The control system shall have a built-in wireless transceiver to facilitate operation from wireless remote-control devices. The aerial valve manifold (AVM) shall be manually operated through a gearbox to open and close the main waterway valve. The base of the AVM shall have a 4” (100 mm), 150 lb flanged inlet. The AVM shall not increase the height of the standard monitor by more than 4.5”. It shall have at least one 90-degree ball valve with 2 ½” NH threads on the outlet. There shall be less than ½ PSI friction loss through the main valve when flowing 2000GPM, and it shall be rated for a maximum operating pressure of 250 PSI.

Style 3486
Weight 62.1 lbs (28.2 kg)
Material Pyrolite
Brand StreamMaster
Inlet 4" 150 lb. flange
Outlet 3-1/2'' Male (89 mm)
Flow (GPM) 2000
Flow (LPM) 7600
Volts 12 V or 24 V


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