Bedroom Fire Scenario

Bedroom Fire Scenario

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LION’s Bedroom Fire Scenario can be incorporated into any of our standard trailer sizes.

In the Bedroom Fire Scenario, teach how to feel for heat and stop smoke from coming into the room with the heated, smoking door. Show children how to find a second way out with the EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home) map and escape window.

For adult learning, the Interactive Bedroom Fire package adds a smoldering trashcan and interactive 911 phone. Trainees must call 911 and use a BullsEye laser extinguisher to put out the flames before the fire grows too large, forcing an evacuation.

Intense infrared heaters, smoke effects, sound effects, and LION’s Digital Flames create a realistic, yet completely safe training environment. A briefing room, embedded video cameras, and wireless video transmission that depicts live interior action enable robust education and training opportunities for your community



Bedroom Emergency Events

  1. Door heats up
  2. Smoke appears under the door from the adjoining room
  3. Optional Air Conditioner sparks
  4. Smoke detector alarms
  5. Escape through E.D.I.T.H. window

Children learn the basics of fire safety in a realistic, but safe environment. They feel the door for a fire outside their bedroom, block smoke from entering under the door with a towel or pillow, call 911 and, if necessary, use the E.D.I.T.H. window to escape the danger.


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