Fire Hooks Roof Foursome

Model: MA32B+MM-24+RH-6+MS-1

Fire Hooks Roof Foursome

Model: MA32B+MM-24+RH-6+MS-1

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ROOF FOURSOME For Flat Roof Ops.

ROOF FOURSOME. Fire Hooks has developed two tools for flat roof ops- a Maxx-Axe 32" and a Maxx-Mod 24". Fire-End & Croker® brought it up a notch by adding a Fire Hooks 6’ Roof Hook and Marrying Strap.

With the Maxx-Axe 32" lock slot feature, both can be carried in one hand, and the Marrying Strap allows you to attach the New York Roof Hook. Now you have small forcible irons to take on the outward roof door easily. Another first for Fire Hooks


Maxx Axe- 32" (MA32B)

An excellent tool for forcible entry or roof ops.

  • Dynamic function of a sledgehammer and cutting axe.

  • The overall weight, including the handle, is 10 pounds.

  • Lock slot locking feature for your halligan tools.

Maxximus Mod- 24" (MM-24)

One-piece drop forged forcible entry tool.

  • Made of 4140 chrome vanadium steel

  • A completely "tuned" Halligan

  • 2 3/4-inch-wide adz for gapping doors

  • Square legs on the fork for striking in tight spaces

  • Thinner fork and adz than any bar on the fire market

  • Depth gauge markings on both adz and fork

  • Molded T.P.R. grip to lessen slippage

  • Protective insulation to 24,000 volts

  • Electric cars range from 600-to 700 volts

  • 24-inch length.

  • E.Z. to hit... E.Z. to hold... E.Z. to carry... and E.Z. to marry to our Maxx Axe- 32” or Lock Slot 8 lbs forcible entry axe

  • Nearly 2 lbs lighter than the Pro-Bar Halligan

RH-6’ Fire Hooks Roof Hook- 6’

Developed by the New York City Fire Department’s R&D department.

The chisel end is used as a prying tool for scuttle hatches and roof doors. The short lengths are for going up, fire escapes, and scuttles to the roof.


  • All-purpose head
  • Aircraft steel shaft
  • Chisel end
  • Celtex grips

This strap is designed to marry various Fire Hooks products together. Black & yellow stripe.


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