FLIR K2 160x120 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

Model: K2

FLIR K2 160x120 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

FLIR K2 160x120 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

Model: K2

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Powerful Yet Affordable

The K2 makes high-quality thermal imaging more accessible so more first responders can help save lives and protect property.

MSX® Multi-spectral Dynamic Imaging

The K2 uses FLIR’s patented MSX technology that embosses key details from the built-in visible camera onto thermal images, providing you with the extra perspective to help you stay oriented and safer while saving others.

Compact and Easy to Use

FLIR K2’s compact design makes it light and easy to attach to turnouts. A single large button makes the camera simple to activate even with heavy gloves on. And the bright LCD and intuitive interface helps you start seeing your way through dark, smoky conditions immediately, so you can stay focused on the critical job in front of you.


Rugged and Reliable

Engineered to survive the tough operating conditions firefighters face out on the call, the K2 withstands a 2-meter drop onto concrete, is IP67 water-resistant, and is fully operational up to +500°F/+260°C (up to 3 minutes).

Multiple Image Modes

FLIR K2 can be set to one of seven different thermal imaging modes depending on the primary emergency service that you’ll be using the camera for. Switch between them using FLIR Tools software that you can download free from


Multiple Firefighting Applications

Fire up the K2 as soon as you arrive on the scene for the 360 size-up. Take it inside to see your way through smoke, keep track of others, and determine where to focus fire attack efforts. Find stranded victims faster. And scan for hot spots during overhaul.


Saves Much More Than Just Money

The K2’s new level of affordability makes powerful thermal imaging more accessible to more firefighters – a small investment that can help pay big dividends when it comes to safety, saving lives, and protecting property.

FLIR develops and manufactures more thermal imaging cameras than any other company. Thanks to economies of scale, FLIR is able to offer the K-Series at an extremely affordable price.


* K2 Kit Includes

  • Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)
  • (2) Li-Ion Batteries
  • Battery Charger w/Power Supply
  • Lanyard Strap
  • USB Cable

Note: These commodities are controlled by the U.S. Govt. for export purposes. They may not be exported or re-exported without first consulting relevant U.S. Export Administration Regulations or International Traffic in Arms Regulations and obtaining the proper USG approvals. They may not be used in the design, development, production or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles. Contact FLIR Commercial Systems, Inc. for more information.

K2 Datasheet Firefighting Brochure

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