Red Rack Wall Mounted Gear Storage- 18" Compartments

Red Rack Wall Mounted Gear Storage- 18" Compartments

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The structurally superior design does not require a rear grid.

Red Rack is designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service. The tubular steel design is the strongest configuration on the market and does not require a rear grid. SAFER! Open-back design allows easy access to your station’s building code-approved electrical outlets. Easier to assemble!

The open-air design of Red Rack™, along with our Dry Kwik accessories, provides for FREE AIR CIRCULATION and helps PPE dry much faster. As a result, mold and mildew will not prematurely destroy the fibers of your gear, and it will LAST LONGER. Dry gear helps reduce steam burns. Red Rack components are coated with a durable red powder coat finish.

Each unit comes complete with the following:

  • Red Rack 18" Compartments
  • (1) Adjustable boot shelf
  • (1) Adjustable helmet shelf
  • (2) Apparel hooks
  • (1) Name Plate
  • Hanging Pole to run the length of the unit.
  • Complete with safety and assembly instructions making it easy to install and maintain.
  • Five years limited warranty on manufacturer defect.

Personal Property Box Option

The following options are available. Please call for pricing.

  • More compartments
  • Security Option
  • Custom colors

Dimensions: 20”D x 72”H x Length*
*Length as shown below

    Without Security Option

    Model # Qty of 18.”
    RRWM-1/18 1 19.75″
    RRWM-2/18 2 38.50″
    RRWM-3/18 3 57.25″
    RRWM-4/18 4 76.00″
    RRWM-5/18 5 94.75″
    RRWM-6/18 6 113.50″
    RRWM-7/18 7 132.25″
    RRWM-8/18 8 151.00″
    RRWM-9/18 9 169.75″
    RRWM-10/18 10 188.50″
    RRWM-11/18 11 207.25″
    RRWM-12/18 12 226.00″
    RRWM-13/18 13 244.75″
    RRWM-14/18 14 263.50″
    RRWM-15/18 15 282.25″
    RRWM-16/18 16 301.00”
    RRWM-17/18 17 319.75”
    RRWM-18/18 18 338.50”
    RRWM-19/18 19 357.25”
    RRWM-20/18 20 376.00”
    RRWM-21/18 21 394.75”
    RRWM-22/18 22 413.50”
    RRWM-23/18 23 432.25”
    RRWM-24/18 24 451.00”
    RRWM-25/18 25 469.75”

    (3-section without Security Option)

    With Security Option
    Includes top security shelf and lockable door


    (3-section) left and center shown with Security Option –right shown without Security Option (Sold Separately)

    Personal Property Box Option

    • Providessecurestorageforkeys,pagers, and otherpersonal items.
    • Includes the mounting hardware.


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