Red Rack Wall Mounted Gear Storage- 20" Compartments

Red Rack Wall Mounted Gear Storage- 20" Compartments

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The structurally superior design does not require a rear grid.

Red Rack™ is designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service. The tubular steel design is the strongest configuration on the market and does not require a rear grid. SAFER! Open-back design allows easy access to your station’s building code-approved electrical outlets. Easier to assemble!

The open-air design of Red Rack™, along with our Dry Kwik accessories, provides for FREE AIR CIRCULATION and helps PPE dry much faster. As a result, mold and mildew will not prematurely destroy the fibers of your gear, and it will LAST LONGER. Dry gear helps reduce steam burns. Red Rack™ components are coated with a durable red powder coat finish.

Each unit comes complete with the following:

  • Red Rack 20" Compartments
  • (1) Adjustable boot shelf
  • (1) Adjustable helmet shelf
  • (2) Apparel hooks
  • (1) Name Plate
  • Hanging Pole to run the length of the unit.
  • Complete with safety and assembly instructions making it easy to install and maintain.
  • Five years limited warranty on manufacturer defect.

Personal Property Box Option

The following options are available. Please call for pricing.

  • More compartments
  • Personal Property Box Option
  • Security Option
  • Custom colors

Dimensions: 20”D x 72”H x Length*
*Length as shown below

Without Security Option

Model # Qty of 20.”
RRWM-1/20 1 21.75″
RRWM-2/20 2 42.50″
RRWM-3/20 3 63.25″
RRWM-4/20 4 84.00″
RRWM-5/20 5 104.75″
RRWM-6/20 6 125.50″
RRWM-7/20 7 146.25″
RRWM-8/20 8 167.00″
RRWM-9/20 9 187.75″
RRWM-10/20 10 208.50″
RRWM-11/20 11 207.25″
RRWM-12/20 12 229.25″
RRWM-13/20 13 250.00″
RRWM-14/20 14 270.75″
RRWM-15/20 15 291.50″
RRWM-16/20 16 312.25”
RRWM-17/20 17 333.00”
RRWM-18/20 18 353.75”
RRWM-19/20 19 374.50”
RRWM-20/20 20 395.25”
RRWM-21/20 21 416.00”
RRWM-22/20 22 436.75”
RRWM-23/20 23 457.50”
RRWM-24/20 24 478.25”
RRWM-25/20 25 499.00”

(3-section without Security Option)

With Security Option
Includes top security shelf and lockable door


(3-section) left and center shown with Security Option –right shown without Security Option

Personal Property Box Option

  • Provides secure storage for keys, pagers, and other personal items.
  • Includes the mounting hardware.


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