Huebsch Softmount Washer - Extractor


Huebsch Softmount Washer - Extractor

Huebsch Softmount Washer - Extractor


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Maximized throughput and minimized costs.

Huebsch® commercial laundry equipment utilizes leading-edge technology and innovation to accelerate performance while reducing utilities and overall operating costs, helping hotels, long-term care facilities, commercial laundries, and other OPL facilities get laundry done faster and within budget.

These workhorse machines are built with the optimal combination of speed, strength, and efficiency while also offering low installation costs and flexibility in your laundry design.

Huebsch® on-premises softmount washer-extractors offer smooth operation and a flexible, easy-to-install freestanding design.

These machines are built for durability with strong, stainless-steel construction. And with 350-400 G-Force and revolutionary timesaving, utility-saving features, they’re designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs – delivering 15% less water consumption than previous models. Improve your laundry performance like no other with our 20, 25, 30, 40, 55, 70, 90, and 125 lb. capacities.

These NFPA 1851 compliant washing machines deliver immediate results without compromising the integrity of your gear.

Make your laundry more productive and cost-effective. With Huebsch®, their heavy-duty washer-extractors are built for world-class reliability and performance.

Front Loading Washer-Extractor

High Extraction

20 lb. to 125lb.capacities

Customizable cycle selections

Huebsch Softmount 20-70 lb.Brochure

Huebsch Softmount 90-125 lb.Brochure

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