Northern Diver V3 LED Flexi-Light Sticks

Northern Diver V3 LED Flexi-Light Sticks

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V3 LED Flexi-Light Sticks

The modern alternative to chemical light sticks!

All Flexi-Light sticks can be twisted or bent during storage and even in use, with no damage occurring. Northern Diver's high intensity 8 lumens light sticks burn up to 3x brighter than traditional glow sticks and are waterproof and depth tested to 100m (V2 + V3), they are non-sparking and non-heat producing. Their RoHS compliant polyurethane double sealed construction means that the battery is non-replaceable to ensure they remain waterproof. We offer the V3 in 5 colors plus IR and now we introduce the multi-color V3 Flexi Light!

The color-coded marker at the end allows the user to quickly identify the light color/version:

  • Standard colors: green, yellow, blue, red and white markers
  • Multi-colored: purple marker
  • Infrared: black marker

V3 standard colors - light stick modes.

  • Press once for Mode 1: Low power, burn time 40 hours
  • Press again for Mode 2: High power, burn time 22 hours
  • Press a third time for Mode 3: Flashing, burn time 42 hours
  • With the fourth press, the Flexi-Light is switched off

Multi-colored design.

Our new edition gives you 4 colors in 1 light stick, each of the colors can be produced with each push of the button. The multi-colored Flexi Light has flashing mode only and is built to the same standard as all other versions. 

Press 1. On / Flash / Red
Press 2. Flash / Green
Press 3. Flash / Blue
Press 4. Flash / Yellow
Press 5. Off


  • Available in 5 standard colors, multi-colored and IRR
  • Output: 8 lumens
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 110*25*20mm (LxWxH)
  • 100m depth rating
  • Visible from up to 3km away
  • Improved on/off push-button operation
  • Can be repeatedly used with on/off switch
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Material: RoHS compliant polyurethane
  • Low, high power and flashing modes (standard V3 version)
  • Mode 1. Low power, Burn time 40 hours (standard V3 version)
  • Mode 2. High power, Burn time 20 hours (standard V3 version)
  • Mode 3. Flashing, Burn time 42 hours (standard V3 version)
  • Flashing: red-green-blue-yellow (multi-color V3 version)
  • Hook Velcro fastening (for application to loop Velcro - select colors available)
  • Nylon clip (a reusable slide on clip can be easily used on a range of equipment - a simple way to attach any Flexi-Light stick to your kit

Data Sheet - LED

Data Sheet - IR

Data Sheet - Multi-Color

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - - Learn More about this warning
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