SENSIT® Smart-Cal 360 Calibration Station

SENSIT® Smart-Cal 360 Calibration Station

SENSIT® Smart-Cal 360 Calibration Station

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SMART-CAL 360 takes calibrating SENSIT® instruments to the next level.

In addition to logging calibration data, time, date, sensor, and pump performance, SMART-CAL 360 pushes firmware updates to selected SENSIT instruments without the need to return the instrument to the factory. SMART-CAL 360 tracks sensor life and gives an early warning when it’s time to replace calibration bottles.
Improved data management software provides automatic data transfer for compliance reports and notifications of overdue or failed calibrations. Logs can be viewed on the large touchscreen display or reports via emailed spreadsheet or pdf. SMART-CAL 360 communicates over LAN and Wi-Fi so that the station can be positioned where it is most convenient and accessible and works with any SMART-CAL compatible instrument.

SCAL 360 Data Management Software (Sold Separately)

SCAL-D 360 is the Desktop version of the software. Various reports and alerts can be viewed, printed, emailed, or stored as an Excel spreadsheet. When configured, it will automatically alert operators and supervisors of important data depending on their preference.

SCAL-N 360 is the Network version of the software. Use SCAL-N 360 to download data from remotely located Calibration Station(s). Data is stored in the SQL Server.

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