SENSIT® GOLD G2 Versatile hand-held portable 1 to 4 gas detector

SENSIT® GOLD G2 Versatile hand-held portable 1 to 4 gas detector

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SENSIT® GOLD G2is a combustible gas indicator (CGI) used for gas leak surveys, investigations, gas leak pinpointing, gas pipeline purging, and confined space applications.

The “G2” can be configured for combustible gas readings in PPM, LEL, or percent volume, as well as a variety of toxic sensors and oxygen. The SENSIT®GOLD G2 is ideal for leak location and confined space applications.

Audible tick rate helps find gas leaks fast!

  • Digital “Tick” Control for fast leak pinpointing
  • Internal Pump - Fast Sampling
  • Lowest Cost, Long Life Sensors
  • LED Warning Lights
  • Bright Graphic Display
  • Loud Audible Alarm
  • Battery Strength Indicator
  • Internal Memory
  • Exceptional Water Protection

Detects and Displays Up To 4 Gases

  • LEL (%Volume and PPM Optional)
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (Optional)

Selectable Gas Type

  • Methane (Natural Gas)
  • Propane

SENSIT®GOLD G2 is the most versatile and user-friendly SENSIT hand-held gas detector available.

  • Fast leak detection
  • Simultaneously view all gas concentrations
  • Simple calibration
  • The lowest overall cost of operation

Compatible with SMART-CAL 360 Calibration Station. Call for pricing onSMART-CAL 360 Calibration Stations.

Standard Gas Detector KitIncludes

  • Sensit Gold G2 Series Gas Detector
  • Hard or Soft Carrying Case
  • (3) C Batteries
  • 2 Piece Bar Hole Probe
  • Extra Sensor Cap
  • Wrist Strap
  • T10 Allen Wrench
  • Instruction Manual

Calibration KitIncludes

  • Calibration gas cylinder/sdetermined by whichkit you order
  • (1) Regulator
  • (1) Hose
Model Number/Type of Kit Cylinder/s Included in Kit
881-00028 Manual Kit (1) 21 liter 2.5% Methane
881-00029 Manual Kit (1) 21-liter Combo
881-00030 Manual Kit (1) 103-liter Combo and (1) 58 liter H2S


    The table below is a guide in helping our customers determinewhich Detector Kit and Calibration Kit/s they may wish to order. If you are uncertain, kindly give us a call, and we will be most happy to assist.

    Gas Detector Gas Gas Detector Kit
    Model Number
    Calibration Kit
    Model Number
    Sensit Gold G2
    LEL 911-00000-01 881-00028
    Sensit Gold G2
    LEL & CO 911-00000-02 881-00029
    Sensit Gold G2
    LEL & O2 911-00000-03 881-00028
    Sensit Gold G2
    LEL & H2S 911-00000-04 881-00030
    Sensit Gold G2
    LEL, CO & O2 911-00000-05 881-00029
    Sensit Gold G2
    LEL, CO & H2s 911-00000-06 881-00030
    Sensit Gold G2
    LEL, O2 & H2S 911-00000-07 881-00030
    Sensit Gold G2
    4 Gas
    LEL, CO, O2 & H2S 911-00000-08 881-00030


    Sensit Gold2 Brochure


    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - - Learn More about this warning
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