Super Vac F164M Mister Fan

Model: F164M

Super Vac F164M Mister Fan

Model: F164M

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The F164M is Super Vac’s most efficient unit used for cooling and rehab and can reduce ambient air stream by up to 30° F.

This electric fan produces a cooling mist that reduces air temperature through evaporation, while only consuming 2 gallons of water per hour.

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Unmatched durability enables this misting unit to last for years.

  • Featuring Super Vac’s famous blades and an aluminum housing, this fan is tough.

  • Three mister rings are mounted on the discharge side of the unit and are made of aluminum to prevent rust.

Powered by a 1/3 horsepower electric, TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over) motor, this fan is extremely versatile.

  • It can output 3200 CFM at the shroud and when not hooked up to a water supply, can double as a smoke ejector or blower/exhauster.

The F164M is perfect for increasing comfort and reducing the effects of heat stress during extended incidents or training exercises in hot summer months.


  • 1/3 Hp electrical motor–TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over), dust-tight, shaft driven – no belt

  • 3/4″ fitting–fits any 3/4″ fitting to hoses including a standard garden hose

  • Mists 2 gallons per hour– reduces effects of heat stress during summer operations

  • 3200 CFM–can double as an electric smoke ejector or blower/exhauster when not hooked up to water source


Specs Motor

  • Bluffton single speed, TEAO ( Totally Enclosed Air Over) Motor Specs

  • 1/3 Hp, 60hz, 115/230V

  • HxWxD : 19.75” x 18.75” x 13” : 502mm x 477mm x 330mm

  • Blade Diameter : 16” : 406mm

  • Weight : 41 lbs : 18.5 kg

  • RPM: 1725

  • Start Requirements : 2000w - 15 amp circuit

  • Run Requirements: 700w

  • Water Requirements : 2 g/hr : 7.5 l/hr - garden hose/auxiliary line

  • Output (Shroud) : 3200 cfm : 5435 cmh

  • Output (Venturi) : 5200 cfm : 8835 cmh

  • Precision Balanced Blade: maximizes output

  • Rubber Feet: heavy duty rubber adds friction to keep the fan in place

  • 4 Carry Handles: makes transportation easy with 1 or 2 people

  • Front and Rear Guards: prevents accidental contact with key components

  • 5 Year Warranty



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