Super Vac SV3-16 16" Chainsaw Kit

Model: SV3-16-KIT-AL

Super Vac SV3-16 16" Chainsaw Kit

Model: SV3-16-KIT-AL

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The Super Vac Power Pro SV3 Ventilation Saw is a high-power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations.

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Kit Contents

  • (1) Saw withD-Ring Handle

  • (1) SpareCarbide Chisel Chain

  • (1) Pair of Ear Plugs

  • (1) Pair of Gloves

  • (1) Bottle of 2 Cycle Oil

  • (1) One Gallon Gas Can

  • (1) Treadplate Storage Box

  • (1) Drive Belt

  • (1) Fuel Cap

  • (1) Starter Cord

  • (1) HD Air Filter Cartridge

  • (5) Pre Filters

  • (1) Spark Plug


  • This chain saw is powered by a 78.5 ccDolmar engine (PS7910).

    • This engine features the new SLR function that lowers emissions for a cleaner environment.

    • The SV3 also features a three-stage heavy-duty air filter proven during the smoky conditions a firefighter will be working in.

    • Dolmar’s 2-year warranty also backs the SVC.

  • The full wrap handle and .404 heavy-duty carbide chisel chain make this saw highly versatile.

    • It’s easy to handle and tough enough to tackle various operations, including cutting through residential roofing, removing downed trees, and ripping through various building materials.

  • Super Vac is dedicated to making this a true fire/rescue saw.

    • An aluminum D-ring handle makes it easy to start while wearing multi-layered rescue gloves.

    • A scrench tool and holder on the saw make for quick adjustments, and the front faceplate deflects debris.

    • A quick start compression release and an “always-on” ignition ensure the SV3 is ready to go when you are.

  • Super Vac is the only manufacturer to offer two different style depth guards.

    • QuickSilver Aluminum Depth Gauge:
      Lightest, easiest to use depth gauge in fire service

    • Full Wrap Depth Gauge:
      Added safety, set from 0” to 8”


SV3-16 Specifications

  • 5.7 Hp Dolmar PS-7910engine:
    12,800 RPM, 78cc,One of the fastest, most powerful rescue saws available

  • carbide chisel chain:
    .404 carbide tooth chain rips through wood and layers of asphalt shingles –Perfect for quick rooftop operations

  • full wrap depth guard:
    set depth from 0 – 8″ quick and easy with the manual guard – A full wrap guard provides added safety for personnel from the chain during rescue operations – guard can be removed with ease if needed with its fast, tool-less design

  • Billet Aluminum handle:
    A durable, easy-to-grasp handle is the perfect match for hands protected by multi-layered rescue gloves. No more fumbling and wasting time with smaller handles not made for the fire/rescue industry

  • Airmaster multi-chambered filtration system:
    the three-chambered system stops particles before they reach the secondary filter – consistently beats competitors in head to head testing in heavy smoke – no clogging by large splinters and debris

  • full wrap handle:
    makes front-facing and overhead operations easy – faster placement of saw and longer cuts without repositioning save you precious time – another feature designed specifically for the fire/rescue industry

  • fast and easy starting:
    features a momentary contact switch that leaves the saw in an “always-on” position, compression release that reduces cylinder pressure by 50%, and choke knob that simultaneously sets both the throttle and choke, saving critical seconds during rescue operations

  • lateral chain tensioning:
    easy to reach scrench tool holder, easy on the spot adjustments

  • Quicksilver Billet options:
    1 piece aluminum pull handle for added durability – LED holder for help during the night operations

  • Chain:
    carbide chisel .404, dual raker, .063 gauge

  • Bar:16″

  • HxWxD:11.25″ x 13″ x 34.5″

  • Weight:20.8lbs


(with QuickSilver Depth Guard) (with Full Depth Guard)


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - - Learn More about this warning
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