Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barrier

Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barrier

Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barrier

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The Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barrier


Crowd control where and when you need it.

  • Heavy-duty 37 lbs. the barrier provides immediate security
  • Retracts easily for easy storage and transport
  • Reduces costs when compared to traditional crowd control barriers
  • Made in the USA

Easy Set-Up

Can be carried from your vehicle and set-up within 30 seconds.

Stackable and Storable Barrier

Store large quantities efficiently: at firehouses, police stations, in office space, etc. for immediate access. Since there’s no need to wait for a delivery truck, barriers won’t remain on the street and potentially injure pedestrians. Sixteen units store in a 4′ x 4′ x 4′ area.

This stackable and storable barrier can even store in a standard-sized office closet.

Retracta-Cade Sign Panels

Printed sign panels allow the Retracta-Cade to be used for multiple applications:

  • Up to three sign inserts slide and lock into each track, to store six signs in one unit
  • Choose from stock messages or any custom printing

Adjustable Length Barricade

    The Retracta-Cade adjustable length barricade ranges from 4′ – 10′by pulling out the side extension panels. The carabiners at the end of each panel increase the overall length by 8″ when connected to other Retracta-Cade units.

    Carabiner Extends & Connects Panels

    Threaded carabiner: snaps and screws closed to secure the connection between barriers. Carabiners rotate 180° so the panels can be pulled out uphill or from any angle, and create endless barrier configurations.

    Retracta-Cade Light Kits

    Attention-grabbing LED lights: slide into the top of the Retracta-Cade for increased visibility in day or night.

    • Red, yellow or blue lights available
    • Hard carrying case conveniently charges and stores 6 LED lights
    • Each light includes nine patterns (flashing, stead-on, rotating, etc.)

    Three Standard Extension Colors

    Choose your extension colors: blue with white stripes, red with white stripes, or yellow with black stripes. Add matching lights and signage to configure the Retracta-Cade to your specific needs.

    Extremely durable HDPE extensions feature grooved stripes that won’t wear or fade over time.

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