Super Vac P Series (S) Smoke Ejectors

Super Vac P Series (S) Smoke Ejectors

Super Vac P Series (S) Smoke Ejectors

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The P164 is the single most popular unit in the history of the fire/rescue service.

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Super Vac’s P Series smoke ejectors provide departments with a high-quality electric unit that is fit for their particular needs.

  • They are available in 4 sizes (12”, 16”, 20”, 24”) and feature a TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over) motor.

  • All models can be used for negative or positive pressure tactics, even with an attached spiral duct (optional add-on).

The heart of these units is Super Vac’s one-of-a-kind aluminum blades.

  • Aluminum is better for heat resistance and has a longer life than plastic or composite blades.

  • Its unique four-tip, recurve design enhances output and user safety.

  • The blade is precision balanced and attached to the motor shaft for a direct drive connection.

  • Super Vac does not use any belts, gears, or pulleys in their smoke ejectors.



  • These units have unmatched durability that will last for years.

  • Electric TEAOmotor–dust-tight, shaft driven, no belts involved

  • The entire frame is constructed of steel (16 and 20″ models also available in aluminum)

  • Baked on powder coat paint– for a long-lasting finish

  • Heavy gauge steel grill– for added safety

  • One of a kind aluminum blade– holds up better than plastic in the high radiant heat of structure fires

  • Four carry handles for easy transportation.

  • Rubber feet add friction to keep the unit in place

  • Front/rear safety guards prevent accidental contact with the blade.

  • All units come standard 115V AC, can be wired for 220-volt operation


P124S P164S P200S P244S
P124S P164S P200S P244S
Perfect for ejecting smoke and having a small unit for confined space ventilation. It is the perfect combination of high airflow with easy to handle size. Perfect for a mix of residential and commercial buildings in their jurisdiction. Perfect for a mix of large residential and mid-sized commercial buildings in their response area.


Model Electric
Weight H x W x D
P124S 1/2 Hp 12” 40 lbs 15 ½”x 15”x 13”
P164S 1/3 Hp 16” 44 lbs 19 ¼″ x 18 ¾″ x 13″
P164S-AL 1/3 Hp 16” 41 lbs. 19 ¼″ x 18 ¾″ x 13″
P200S 1 Hp 20” 85 lbs 25 ½” x 24 ¾″ x 16 ¼″
P200S-AL 1 Hp 20” 80 lbs. 25 ½” x 24 ¾″ x 16 ¼″
P244S 1 ½ Hp 24” 110 lbs. 28 ½″ x 28″ x 18 ¾”


Model Amp

P124S 15 2000 800 3700
P164S 15 2000 700 5200
P164S-AL 15 2000 700 5200
P200S 15 4000 1500 9800
P200S-AL 15 4000 1500 9800
P244S 20 6000 2100 11,800



Optional Tilt Frame for 12” or 16” Models Only

tilt frame

This bracket will help you point airflow precisely in any direction at any angle.

It easily retrofits onto an existing Super Vac i-Line fan or smoke ejector.

Allows for quick setup and effortless tilting of the fan in any direction.

Available for 12″ or 16″ Super Vac smoke ejectors or blowers/exhausters.



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